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The Complete Lockdown!

These strange things are passing by
Something which no one can deny
There’s no rich, no poor, with this disease
Let’s just pray that it does not increase

Can’t start without their blessings…

There’s no specific day to thank your parents for what they do for you. So, why not take a second and give them a hug?

Hello Everyone!

Why not live life for a moment? Because rest everything else is uncertain.Starting my new journey of writing on my…

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We stand by you, where’s that quote?


Dear Men,
We aren’t the same!

Grab it before you miss that opportunity!

There are times when we think – What’s the hurry? There’s plenty of time!

Be a better version of yourself!

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Love yourself is all that is required.


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Lekhika is a digital marketer by day and an avid blogger by night who recently got featured as a co-author for an anthology which featured writers and poets from all around the world.
With a solid track of growth orientation in my previous ventures, I aspire to create innovative and engaging content in order to drive customer acquisition and brand building.
Having a sound knowledge of content creation and development, I deliver relevant and unique content to various organizations across countries in diverse fields.
With my creativity and penchant for storytelling, I have often been complimented on the depth and expression of my writing. From soul searching poetry to engaging lifestyle and travel blogs, there is not much that I haven’t already explored.

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